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Product Registration & Warranty

  • What does the Pipetto warranty cover?

    Pipetto products are made with the highest quality materials. Everything we make is built to last; if any product fails due to function as intended as a result of component or construction defects we will gladly offer a repair or replacement.

    The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse or neglect, accidents, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, or damage by common carrier. Due to the nature of the natural materials used in our products, we are unable to offer replacement or repair for the natural wear of materials.

  • How can I make a warranty claim?

    To make a warranty claim follow the two simple steps: 1. Go to Product Registration 2. Send an email with details and a photograph to

    If you submit your claim over the weekend we will be in touch the next following working day. Over holidays and busy periods this may be longer.

  • I dropped my iPhone/iPad am I covered?
    We are sorry but we cannot replace cases that have been damaged accidentally such as dropping or submersing in water. We do not offer a guarantee that by using your Pipetto case your phone is 100% protected from damage caused by dropping your device. We also will not offer any compensation for damage to screens, casing or other iPhone or iPad components under our warranty scheme. No refunds will be offered for damaged cases due to neglect or misuse. This is in line with the Consumer Act 2015 and your consumer rights.
  • What does 'Lifetime' mean, I'm confused?
    We offer a Lifetime Warranty for the duration of the use of your case. For most people who regularly upgrade their iPhone this is every 12 to 24 months. For iPad users this is 24 months and at our discretion thereafter. We won't replace your case if it's just naturally worn over time, we do design our cases to last and most customers benefit from our quality cases as we would expect ourselves over this period. Lifetime does not mean a persons Lifetime. Just as you would expect any other consumer goods such as a pair of leather shoes or washing machine, will wear out over time. We will replace your case if it develops a manufacturing fault during this time which causes the wear of the case to degrade unnaturally or faster than expected. We always strive to keep all our customers happy and do so inline with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Distance Selling regulations.
  • I bought my case in a retailer - can you refund under warranty claim?
    We are very sorry but if you purchased your case at a retailer we cannot offer a refund for the item under our warranty scheme. Please contact the retailer directly and ask them to assist you.


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